About us

The Chair of Ocean Engineering was established in 1992 as a result of the newly founded Engineering Faculty at the University of Rostock. It emerged from the Chair of Fishery Science and Technology, founded in 1968. The University of Rostock is thus one of the oldest teaching and research institution in the field of Ocean Engineering in Germany. The academic education mainly focuses on the teaching of theoretical and experimental methods for designing anchored and floating offshore systems as well as unmanned underwater vehicles and systems. In its application-oriented basic research, the Chair of Ocean Engineering is primarily focused on the development, validation and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the reliable prediction of loads, movements and deformations of different naval and marine engineering designs. For this purpose, the Chair of Ocean Engineering is equipped with two large research facilities (pressure tank, large wind tunnel, air flow laboratory). In order to provide reliable information on fatigue assessment and material aging especially of polymer materials under marine condition, the experimental analyzes of different materials are also part of the research portfolio. However, based on the scientific-technological know-how and the laboratory equipment, the Chair of Ocean Engineering has the expertise and the prerequisites for the holistic formulation and processing of scientific questions in the field of ocean engineering, offshore structure and marine research. In previous studies experience in the development fishing gears, underwater vehicles, sensors and smart electronic service architectures as well as the simulation and prediction of fluid dynamics and fluide structure interactions were gained. Starting in 1993, Prof. Paschen is the Chairmen of the DEMaT steering group. DEMaT was established as a specific podium for the presentation and discussion of scientific engineering methods in the area of maritime technology and particularly in the field of fishing engineering. Today, the DEMaT workshop has become one of the most important engineering-oriented forums for fishing technologists as well as for scientists and engineers who have got expertise in marine aquaculture and related marine fields. DEMaT is known for its in-depth debate on relevant up-to-date challenges in technological developments. The Chair of Ocean Engineering is also a member of the department Maritime Systems of the Interdisciplinary Faculty of the University of Rostock.