Working Group "Sensor Technology"

The working group Sensor Technology focuses on the development and testing of innovative measuring systems for environmental monitoring of aquatic ecosystems. The use of measurement technology under field conditions places special demands onto the hardware to be developed. Biofouling, high ambient pressures as well as abrasive media are challenges as well as issues of energy supply and data storage for long-term measurements or a field-capable user-system interaction. Therefore, a special focus, besides the development of sensors and sensor systems, is on the provision of service-oriented interfaces and standards for the construction of complex infrastructures for mobile monitoring applications. Through cooperation with partners from industry and applied research, systems and methodical solutions are developed that are adapted to the measurement task and contribute to the establishment of holistic monitoring and exploration technologies.

Within the academic education students shall be sensitized especially to the challenges of conceptual development and implementation of sensors and sensor systems for the monitoring of complex environmental processes. The aim is to use the theoretical knowledge to work independently on own development projects and to expand the methodological competence. The topics of the projects as well as the outline of the working plan (Bachelor's/Master's theses) will be developed together with the students and, if possible, integrated into projects and developments of the working group or cooperation partners.

Research Area
  • Environmental Monitoring, Mobile Sensor Networks, Sensor and System Development
  • Development and Implementation of in-situ Sensor Probes for Mobile Aquatic Monitoring
  • Development of pressure-neutral sensors and sensor components
  • Open Source Based Sensor and System Engineering
  • Real Time Data Processing and Evaluation
  • Computer Vision and 3D Visualization



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Kosleck

M.Sc. Christoph Strehse

Heiko Betz

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