About us

Welcome to the Chair of Ocean Engineering at the University of Rostock! Established in October 1992, we stand as one of Germany's oldest educational and research institutions specializing in ocean technology. Our department focuses primarily on theoretical and experimental methods for designing and advancing various offshore systems, encompassing unmanned underwater vehicles and technology tailored for research and industry needs. In our application-oriented fundamental research, we emphasize the development, validation, and application of theoretical and experimental approaches to accurately predict loads, movements, and deformations for a large variety of offshore structures. Additionally, a key facet of our work involves pioneering technologies designed for operations ranging from the ocean surface to its deepest depths. We tackle technical challenges, actively contributing to the global energy transition and participating in the battle against climate change. Our vision is a future where the safeguarding and sustainable utilisation of our oceans go hand in hand. Delve into our compelling projects and gain insights into the contributions made by our department.