DEMaT 2009

Proceedings of the 9th international workshop (Nara, Japan / 5 - 7 November 2009)

Contributions on the Theory of Fishing Gears and Related Marine Systems Vol. 6

edited by Takeshi Yamane


  • fishing gear-seabed interaction
  • underwater technology & fish behavior
  • net hydrodynamics
  • performance & efficiency
  • control engineering in fisheries
  • numerical simulation of fishing gear
  • experimental investigation on fishing gear
  • particular fishing gear


Fishing gear-seabed interaction

A. Soldo, P. Cetinić / CROATIA
Impact of fishing gear on Posidonia seagrass meadows

A. Ivanovic, R.D. Neilson, C. Chima-Okereke / UNITED KINGDOM
Modelling of the interaction between trawl gear components and the seabed-overview

F.G. O’Neill, K. Summerbell / SCOTLANDThe suspension of sediment behind trawl gear components towed on fine – medium sand

Underwater technology & fish behavior

K. Ebata, A. Higashi / JAPAN
Artifical reefs for restration of the abalone habitat along the coast of Tane-Island

G. Niedzwiedz, D. Schories / GERMANY
Progress in underwater research with the help of geotagging

M.M. Rozenshtein, S.V. Levchenko / RUSSIA
Numerical values of behavioral characteristics of the Atlantic herring

Net Hydrodynamics

D.H. Song, C.W. Lee, M.Y. Choe, I.H. Lee, K.H. Park / KOREA
Experimental investigation on the hydrodynamic coefficients of netting

W. Song, Z. Liang, R. Wan, , L. Huang, J. Ma, B. Chen / CHINA and T. Kinoshita, W. Bao / JAPAN
Experimental study on the effect of waves on netting panels at not normal to the wave direction

J. Ma, W. Song / CHINA and T. Kinoshita, F. Zhao and W. Bao / JAPAN
Experimental study on the wave force on the floating rope cage in flume

Performance & Efficiency

T. Masuya / JAPAN
Calculation of the resistance increase in waves taken into account of the effects of the above water-line hull form

S. Jeong, J. Hong, S. Park/ KOREA
Remodeling of tuna purseiner to improve fishing performance

D. Priour, R. Khaled / FRANCE
Optimisation of trawl energy efficiency under fishing effort constraint

Control engineering in fisheries

K. Reite / NORWAY
State estimator for trawl system surveillance

W. Hatakeyama, M. Toda / JAPAN
Experimental evaluation of a unified approach to robust control of flexible mechanical systems

Y. Tomizawa, M. Toda / JAPAN
Oscillation reduction control for ocean environment monitoring buoys

H. Korte / GERMANY
Motion modelling of a manoeuvring ship at anchor in flowing waters

Numerical simulation of fishing gear

L. Karlsen, K.Y. Koo/ NORWAY
Investigation into environmental load forces on offshore fish farm structure

C. Lee, G. Lee, F. Lee, M. Choe / KOREA
An analysis of the breaking process of the set net by the passing vessel

B.A. Altschul, T.V. Ermakova / RUSSIA
Equations of trawl system movement at its schematization by two-warp model

Experimental investigation on fishing gear

P. Nowakowski, H. Sendlak, K. Berest, P. Rowinski / POLAND
Apprication of hydroaccoustic system of distance measurement for estimating the cod codends shape at the model research station in insko

M.M. Rozenshtein, A.A. Nedostup, M.S. Matvienko / RUSSIA
Methods of calculation of drag and disclosing of mouth mid-water trawls

A.A. Nedostup, A.V. Belyh / RUSSIA
Method of calculation of force characteristics the Danish seine

A.A. Nedostup, E.K. Orlov / RUSSIA
Experimental researches of friction coefficient of threads, cords and ropes on a traction drum of the frictional mechanism

M. Paschen / GERMANY
Analysis of current close to the surface of net structures

Particular fishing gear

M.S. Koo, M. Ishizaki / JAPAN and S.J. Kim / KOREA
Period characteristics of squid movement hooked on branch line of long line

R.P. Babaran / The Philippines and M. Ishizaki / JAPAN
Measurement of payao vibrations

T. Kumazawa, F. Hu, S. Fuwa, H. Kinoshita, T. Tokai / JAPAN
Development of pelagic/midwater trawl with novel canvas kites